Tuesday, May 15, 2001

ill tell you later unless im in juvenile hall for beating someone into unconscienceness.
sorry bout the non posting talk tonite i promise!

Sunday, April 29, 2001

Hi its me sorry bout the non updateing-ness just quite busy with the sleeping and the cousins and the festival and the play and the Romeo and Juliet and the major term project for social studies and exams and the dances and Hi. Well kims in the shower right now she told me online but i dont think she was thlling the truth. LESBIAN PORN ROCKS
Shauna doesnt talk to me anymore :-(
My Unkle came down for the weekend bring my annoying cousin thank god they left or i would have wound up IMPALEING HIS HEAD UPON A STICK god he is an asshole and hees only 10!!!
Im Feeling tired So I should lie on the couch with pringles and watch tv
Good Nite

Wednesday, April 25, 2001

Hey everyone who cares to see my nook on the web My friend Justin is here rite now cuz hees heping me with my musical theatre tomorrow (for those of you who dont know music theatre is a singing a song from a musical with actions DUH) sorry bout the duh, 90's moment. anyway if any of you have ever seen little shop of horrors i play the sadistic dentist wh gets killed from inhaleing too much nitrosoxide then the plant eats me.....i have no plant for this. so ill tell you about my day later.
Hey sorry i didnt post yesterday i tried to from school but the Evil Howie kept on deleting my entries man he sux. So yesterday we went down to Sumerville Beach to Video Tape a Romeo + Juliet project for english yesterday It took 5 FUCKING HOURS to tape the first scene... *Fades Out Quietly* I...Diddnt...know..lines...yeah! So now I Have like a ton of editing cuz we screwed up ROYALLY

Monday, April 23, 2001

Hi Its Late and i created this for something to do no doubt ill delete this entry ill post a proper one tomorrow i promise